• Developed specifically for Austrailian underground mining applications- eliminates laborious threaded connections.


  • Surelock couplings are simple, reliable and provide an airtight connection.
  • This style of coupling excels where speed, easy, economy and safety are paramount.


  • SG Iron body ISO 1083:400-250-15
  • Natural rubber gasket


  • Constant vibration created by air drills, pavement breakers etc. is destructive to air hose couplings, especially the quick-acting type. To provide protection, connect one end of a 1 to 3 meter length of air hose to the tool using the heat-treated "No. 3500" Steel Nipple which withstands vibration for a longer period. Connect the other end of "Whip Hose" to the air supply with the quick-acting coupling. "Whip Hose" should remain permanently connected to the tool and should be the same diameter as the supply line hose.

Safety notes

  • Warning: Never use Surelock Couplings for steam service! None of Dixon's cataloque information is to be interpreted to mean that this type of coupling is suitable for use on steam hose.
  • The use of a Minsup Safety Locking Pin is necessary to ensure that Surelock Claw Couplings will not become accidentally disconnected. This ensures that the fittings are properly connected as the pin will not go through the holes in both couplings until the couplings are locked into place.