BISO Strainers- Bottom Inlet, Side Outlet

BISO Strainers- Bottom Inlet, Side Outlet

  • 2 inch biso front
Part Number WS-BISO-150-S-A
Type Male x Female Thread
Material Electro-polished AISI 2205 cast stainless steel
Thread BSP
Thread Size 1 1/2"
Height 235mm
Width Lid Width 150mm,
Body Width 95mm
Unit Weight 3.15kg
Flow 903L/Min


  • Suitable for applications where a superior corrosion resistant stainless steel is required to filter liquids. Commonly used to strain seawater for engines, generators, HVAC systems in vessels, however can be used for other liquids that require a high grade stainless steel filter to protect pumps, nozzles and injectors from large particles.


  • Offset outlet for improved performance
  • Secured by 5 wing nuts for safe, quick and easy access
  • No tools required
  • Swing down eye bolts eliminates need to remove nuts
  • BSP thread inlet and outlet, flanges available on request
  • Full height, high impact resistant ABS basket
  • Cast anode connection point to combat galvanic corrosion


  • Solid lid

Available Options

  • 316 stainless steel basket


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