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Part NumberDescription
10366HC-002Replacement 3-J aluminum socket nose ring
10357Fuse 1/4 Amp- for FT103
10142Replacement on-board bezel five wire (FT103)
10368SSReplacement contact pin for FT390/393 series socket
10347Threaded half coupling 1/2" for retain probe
10521NPBezel gasket for FT203P-SPEC
10143Replacement on-board bezel two fire (FT204)
10432NPReplacement gasket for the FT208 series "Checkmate" lid
10031Replacement socket rear housing
10183Sensor housing, lower no hardware
10131Replacement gasket for bezel on monitors FT103/204P
10366SS-001Replacement 4-J stainless socket nose ring
10366HC-001Replacement 4-J aluminum socket nose ring
10126Sensor cap O-ring
10366SS-002Replacement 3-J stainless socket nose ring
10358Fuse 1/2 Amp- for FT208 and FT204
10459Program module for FT204P and FT208
FT9034Replacement socket face plate 3 J slot, no contact block or hardware
FT9009Replacement socket contact block with pins FT301 Thermistor series
FT9004Replacement on-board monitor hardware kit
FT9064Bezel for FT203P-SPEC
FT9003Replacement on-board monitor housing
FT9068Replacement contact block attachment screws and washers (4 each)
FT9062Nose ring assembly, thermistor, 4J, 10 PIN contact block, pin and hardware for FT390 and FT393
FT9040Checkmate housing with lid
FT9011Replacement sensor housing cap with screws and lock washers
FT9030Fuse holder with 1/4 amp fuse
FT9008Replacement socket contact block with pins FT300 Optic series
FT9001Complete sensor housing gasket and O-ring kit
FT9010Replacement socket contact block with 10 pins FT304 Thermistor series
FT9002Complete sensor housing gasket, O-ring and hardware kit
FT9063Nose ring assembly, optic, 3J, 6 PIN contact block, pin and hardware for FT390 and FT393
FT9051Replacement short contact block for FT390/393 Optic 6 pin
FT9046Bag of 10 replacement socket pins
FT9031Fuse holder with 1/2 amp fuse
FT9020Socket pin, screw and crimp lug
FT9013Replacement socket faceplate 4J slot, no contact block or hardware
FT9059Replacement face plate and bezel assembly for FT204P
FT9052Replacement short contact block for FT390/393 Thermistor, 10 pin
FT9036FT208 replacement bezel kit