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Part NumberMaterialNominal SizeRange
0911Zinc Plated Steel7/16".354" to.433"
2831Zinc Plated Steel1-3/16"1.102" to 1.220"
0305Zinc Plated Steel3/16".134" to.197" (3.4mm to 5.0mm)
0507Zinc Plated Steel1/4".197" to.276" (5.0mm to 7.0mm)
0709Zinc Plated Steel5/16".276" to.354" (7.0mm to 9.0mm)
0811Zinc Plated Steel3/8".319" to.433" (8.1mm to 11.0mm)
1113Zinc Plated Steel1/2".425" to.512" (10.8mm to 13.0mm)
1922Zinc Plated Steel13/16".709" to.866" (18.0mm to 22.0mm)
2023Zinc Plated Steel7/8".748" to.906" (19.0mm to 23.0mm)
2327Zinc Plated Steel1".886" to 1.063" (22.5mm to 27.0mm)
2731Zinc Plated Steel1-1/8"1.035" to 1.221" (26.3mm to 31.0mm)
0305R304 Stainless Steel3/16".134" to.197"
0507R304 Stainless Steel1/4".197" to.276"
0709R304 Stainless Steel5/16".276" to.354"
0811R304 Stainless Steel3/8".319" to.433"
1113R304 Stainless Steel1/2".425" to.512"
1315R304 Stainless Steel9/16".492" to.591"
1517R304 Stainless Steel19/32".551" to.669"
3437R304 Stainless Steel1-7/16"1.260" to 1.457"
3740R304 Stainless Steel1-1/2"1.378" to 1.575"
1518R304 Stainless Steel5/8".591" to.709"
2023R304 Stainless Steel7/8".748" to.906"
3740Zinc Plated Steel1-1/2"1.378" to 1.575" (35.0mm to 40.0mm)
2731R304 Stainless Steel1-1/8"1.035" to 1.221"
1922R304 Stainless Steel13/16".709" to.866"
2225Zinc Plated Steel15/16".827" to.984" (21.0mm to 25.0mm)
1720Zinc Plated Steel3/4".638" to.787" (16.2mm to 20.0mm)
2327R304 Stainless Steel1".886" to 1.063"
1518Zinc Plated Steel5/8".591" to.709" (16.0mm to 19.0mm)
3437Zinc Plated Steel1-7/16"1.260" to 1.457" (32.0mm to 37.0mm)
1315Zinc Plated Steel9/16".492" to.591" (12.5mm to 15.0mm)
1720R304 Stainless Steel3/4".638" to.787"
2225R304 Stainless Steel15/16".827" to.984"
1517Zinc Plated Steel19/32".551" to.669" (14.0mm to 17.0mm)